CSP Plus Inspection APP

Move from Paper and Pen Inspections to CSP Plus APP Inspections. Use our App to Customize your OWN!


  • All of your inspections are stored in one place; therefore easy to findcsplus logo 300
  • Do inspections from your smartphone, tablet or laptop quickly and easily.
  • Capture accurate data digitally, giving your safety officer the ability to act immediately
  • Use your
    • Smartphone (Android or Apple)
    • Tablet
    • Laptop
    • Desktop Computer





CSP Plus Inspeciton APP - Easy


EASY - With a touch of your finger select "Pass" or "Fail" on your assets inspection

CSP Plus Inspeciton APP - Instant Upload


INSTANT UPLOAD - Inspection information uploaded immediately

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PHOTO- Attach a photo of the asset's deficiency

CSP Plus Inspeciton APP - notifications


NOTIFICATIONS - The inspection email is immediately sent to the manager attached to that asset

CSP Plus Inspeciton APP - Offline mode


OFFLINE MODE - Complete your inspection even without internet connection



NFC - Tap and Inspect


cspplus inspection app - Sonim XP7  CSP Plus Inspection app - Sonim XP7  CSP Plus Inspection APP - Sonim XP7  


How does the CSP Plus Inspection App help?

• Flexibility of tailoring an Inspection to a vehicle, facility, job site or individual employee
• Drastically reduce Inspection sheet volume
• Drastically reduce the time it takes to complete inspections
• Inspections immediately uploaded and digitally filed on a secure database
• Management notified via Email of Inspection deficiencies
• Mobile Management through Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop
• Scan Asset using QR Code or NFC
• Improve asset maintenance due to immediate deficiency reports

This cloud based health and safety application helps companies to lengthen the lives of their assets while keeping everything safe.

DVIR / Pre-Trip or Post Trip Commercial Vehicle Inspections

Instead of Pen and Paper now use CSP Plus for your DVIR / Pre-Trip Inspections or Post-Trip Inspection (DOT Inspections). Create the correct Inspection Schedule according to your local Department of Transportation.

CSP Plus Android App

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cspplus app apple app
App Store CSP Plus Inspection App

CSP Plus APP - Out Of Service For Vehicle

CSP Plus Inspection App will give the employee and the CSP Plus admin the most important information. Is that Vehicle safe or unsafe. If there is a deficiency the employee will will be warned.

How this works:

  1. Employee does their daily inspection of the Vehicle
  2. Employee Finds a Defect that will not allow the vehicle to be on the road (If the Vehicle is driven they could face a fine with DOT Inspections*)
    1. We ask this simple Question after your Inspection Report
      “Were there any major or minor defects found?”
      No - Nothing happens

      CSP Plus DVIR
    2. The Manger of this Vehicle will get an email notifying them of this.

  3. If a Employee tries to use a vehicle that has a Defect, and it has not yet been repaired, the CSP Plus App will let them know that there is an issue. Once the repair is complete this Alert wont' show.

    CSP Plus Inspection DVIR
  4. If your driver arrives at a DOT Check Point and is asked to see their Inspection,

    1. This is what will show if a vehicle has a DEFECT and they choose to drive it.

      CSP Plus Pre-Trip DVIR

    2. Vehicle Has been Repaired - We let them know that there was an issue, but it has since been repaired.

      CSP Plus - DVIR
  5. To remove the Major or Minor Defect - the Manger or Maintenance Manger logs into CSP Plus - chooses the Vehicle - select the button Defect has been Repaired. This will now let the APP know that the Vehicle has been fixed (A Time Stamp and whom signed it off will be shown on the Inspection Report)
    CSP Plus - Out of service
    CSP Plus - DOT DVIR


CSP Plus Inspection APP- How it works

CSP Plus Inspection NFC

When a user scans a NFC Tag in our CSP Plus Inspection App, CSP Plus will record that the employee was at the asset when it was scanned.

CSP Plus NFCThe benefit of NFC is ease of use and the life span of the tags and stickers. The paper QR Codes work in some cases, but for companies working in the elements they do not last long.


We have NFC Tags for your Vehicles, Items and Properties

  • NFC Tags are either a sticker or a tag
  • NFC Tags are a tap of your device to the tag
  • NFC Stickers or Tags can be placed anywhere.
  • The tags can be screwed to an asset or attach using our Flex Secure Cable
  • NFC stickers or tags are purchased from CSP Plus -
    • Mount On Metal Stickers
      • These are for Assets that are out of the Elements
      • Vehicles or other Items
    • Hard Tag with Flex Secure Cable (re usable) at  Per
      • These are for Assets that are in the Elements or not
      • Chemical resistance
      • Mounted by:
        • Polyurethane adhesives, Epoxies, Silicone sealants, Screws (size M3), Pop rivets, Plastic rivets (size 3mm )
    • Chainsaws, Harnesses, Job Sites, anything

Note: At this time CSP Plus NFC has been tested on Sonim XP7, Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6 and the Google Nexus Tablet.

CSP Plus Inspection App is FREE*!

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*Subscription to CSP Plus is required