CSP Plus provides comprehensive Staff Management tools while putting limitless information at your disposal with the stroke of a key.


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       Employees Management Features

employeeEmployee File Management

General employee information; address, phone numbers, position, manager status. Enter Employee information with no limit to the number of employee files that can be entered.  


Manage Employee Training and Certifications with date sensitive expirations. CSP Plus email notification in advance allowing for retraining before expiration.

Upload and attach files, in multiple formats, and archive files if so desired. The user also has the ability to set notifications, at desired times of compliance expiration. 

Hours and Years of Experience with your company or previous employers can be used for other record keeping options; such as signed.


Competent employees progress through Work Procedures in becoming fully qualified. Keep track of staff progression and a company’s competency. Managers sign off on employees as they progress from phase to phase.

Discipline SafetyDiscipline & Safety

Incidents and infractions normally involve someone or something being at fault. When an incident report is created in CSP Plus, a disciplinary record is generated for the involved employee or employees


Evaluation template is created by the CSP Plus user for specific employee categories. These templates are used for scheduled employee evaluations and recorded to their file.


Manage and audit expenses associated with an employee such as ongoing training or allowances.


Record Holidays, Sick and Absent Day


Critical employee information in case of an emergency.


Send a document to any manager for approval


Move from Paper and Pen Inspections to CSP Plus APP Inspections. Use our App to Customize your OWN!


The CSP Plus user can control system access by Division, Region or Field Managers.