Case Study - Asplundh Case Study

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Vegetation Management


Canada and USA


• Fleet compliance & tracking
• Staff management & training
• Loss control and statistics


• Email notification and GPS
• Files web-based and accessible
• Traceable systematic approach


• Efficient, control & compliance
• Time to explore diversification
• Worksite safety

Asplundh Case Study

“The overburden of paperwork is gone, all companies are compliant, all assets undercontrol.”

- Rick Williams, Atlantic Canada Supervisor, Asplundh

Asplundh was founded in 1928, as a family-owned and operated corporation now employing approximately 30,000 service professionals throughout the US, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.

Asplundh’s versatility enables it to successfully complete a wide variety of Vegetation Management Projects including utility transmission and distribution right of way management and clearing. Pipeline and road right of way clearing as well as selective vegetation management for federal, provincial and municipal governments.

The Challenge 

The Atlantic Canada Supervisory position is responsible for simultaneously active projects throughout New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador. This position involves maintaining Fleet, Staff and Loss Control Compliance for 100+ employees, 150+ pieces of equipment, 300+ tools and items as well as subcontract companies. In total in excess of 550 assets being tracked.

The responsibility of monitoring staff and fleet requirements as well as developing and maintaining loss control and training programs was all consuming leaving little time for new business opportunities and field operations other than required audits and inspections. The exercise of complying with provincial, client and corporate requirements resulted in filing cabinets bursting at the seams. 

Prior to CSP Plus, existing tracking spreadsheets and programs resulted in staff and equipment compliances lapsing, periodically leaving field operations down. At risk were our company’s reputation, employee safety and profitability.

Not interested in being office bound and overburdened with paperwork we began the search for a software solution. The search resulted in a variety of programs that were expensive while only meeting some of our needs necessitating that we purchase multiple products.

The Solution

Through a business acquaintance we were introduced to the CSP Plus application and their support and programming personnel. After a brief review of their web-based / mobile application we explored further how the CSP Plus solution could throw us a lifeline.

Immediately the introduction of the CSP Plus Compliance Notification component solved our monumental problem with missed fleet compliances, preventative maintenance scheduling and fleet utilization, especially when planning work and during emergency response operations. The email notification feature allowed both office and field management to concentrate on production operations making us more compliant, efficient and profitable.

The CSP Plus preventative maintenance component tied to our GPS provider notified us of equipment and vehicle scheduled maintenance in advance, tracked through either odometer or hour meter readings. This feature made maintenance scheduling and equipment utilization a breeze not to mention reducing downtime from missed preventative maintenance schedules. Over time we noticed a reduction in large repair costs from catastrophic failures due to lack of preventative maintenance.

The staff file management system pulled all employee critical information into one application allowing complete control by one individual. The ability to disseminate employees by region and assign to field managers organized our operations beyond our expectations. The CSP Plus Compliance Notification component managed staff training and certification scheduling by early notification of impending expirations. No more did we experience employees arriving onsite with expired credentials. 

Providing a safe, rewarding workplace for our staff, clients and the public is critical to employee and customer retention as well as controlling exposure to liability and compensation costs. Utilizing the Safety Statistics component of CSP Plus allowed us to identify and graph incidents by type, time of year, severity and much more. This enabled us to identify problem areas and plan to control before they occurred. 

As a member of multiple safety and regulatory associations Asplundh is subject to periodic detailed audits. Prior to CSP Plus such audits would involve compiling and pulling together multiple equipment, safety and employee files for review. Post CSP Plus all files are web-based and scanned into the application secure and accessible from anywhere.

The Outcome

The flexibility of the Compliance Notification feature allows us to receive our fleet and staff notifications at any time that suits our schedule. These notifications allow systematic scheduling saving valuable management time to be reallocated to exploring new work and business opportunities. CSP Plus has facilitated us in expanding our operations to new fields and industries all of which operate under their respective CSP Plus programs. The end result being that the overburden of paperwork is gone, all companies are compliant, all assets under control. Still looking for more expansion / business opportunities!

In the years since implementing the Safety and Loss Cost feature our Workers Compensation (WCB) numbers has reduced substantially. Prior to CSP Plus our WCB scores consistently put us just above or below the industry standard. Since CSP Plus our rate is consistently 20 to 30% lower than industry standard saving us thousands of dollars every year. In addition, our Loss Cost and Incident Ratings dropped making us more competitive when submitting tenders and proposals. In recent years Asplundh has been recognized by industry and clients with awards pertaining to its superior incident prevention program. The result of which is nearly 4 Million Man Hours worked without a Loss Time Incident.

CSP Plus has put our office and field managers more in control than ever. Field management is more in tune with their fleet and employee status allowing more time to concentrate on the safety and efficiency of their operations. In our world where field management operates on an incentive based system that’s directly tied to safety, cost control and job profitability, year end field management bonus has increased.

The implementation of CSP Plus has been overall a positive experience. The CSP Plus staff has been exceptional in attending to our programming and support requirements taking not only Asplundh but also our expanded list of operations and companies to a new level!

CSP Plus - Case Study - Asplundh Case Study