Simplify your Company's Inspections


No more Pen and Paper


Inspections uploaded IMMEDIATELY


Deficiency Email sent to Managers

Offline Mode

Work Anywhere


Customize your inspections


Attach a photo of the asset's deficiency


Tap and Inspect

Managing Your Company’s Health & Safety is time consuming

Vehicle Management

- Preventative maintenance tracking
- Improve fleet utilization and cost controls
- Manage date sensitive notifications

Employee Management

- Track staff training and certifications
- Work procedure sign-off
- Employee evaluations and discipline reports

Item Management

- Track compliances and certifications
- Gain maintenance control
- Assign Items to Vehicles

Properties Management

- Facility and / or Work-sites
- Perform site hazard walks online
- Upload Supporting Documents

Circle Check

- DVIR, Pre-Trip Inspections
- PPE Inspections
- Hazard Walks

Risk/Loss Control

- Reduce inspection Time, Paper and Cost!
- Record employee incidents
- System generated reports and graphs

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Helps Us Manager Over 2000 Employees, 1000 Vehicles, 2000 Items, 100 Properties

Gateway Facilities

Here at Gateway, we have continuous maintenance checks on our vehicles and equipment. It's important for client and employee safety to ensure our vehicles are being maintained when required. CSP Plus is a wonderful tool! We use the app for our Samsung Mobile devices to ensure we have the tools needed to complete our daily checks right at our finger tips!

regional Recycling

Helps them manage all of their daily Inspections. They changed from paper to our Inspection APP

Into the Blue

We are a Saltwater Fish Store that uses the Inspection App to Maintain our clients Tanks. Plus we use the Maintenance to keep track of our Equipment when they are due for Maintenance.

Mission Holdings

We Rent our our 40,000 Building and we Inspect the Building monthly with the Inspection App.

Freestyle Manitoba

CSP Plus helps us keep track of all our our Coaches and Volunteers Records. This allows us to see what each one has and requires to be able to help out during the year. We also thank CSP Plus for the Non-Profit Rates.